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 Gomersal & The Great War                  

      . . . . in the air        

Aeroplane stranded

in Gomersal :

“Captain Irons from an aerodrome near York, flew over the Spen Valley and Mirfield districts on purpose to throw out bundles of handbills advertising the special efforts which were being made in connection with the local “submarine” and ''aeroplane” weeks. 


[H.Ashwell Cadman in Gomersal Past and Present]


The other pamphlet was entitled:



March 4 to March 9th

A Message from the Skies


This pamphlet stated that the least expected in Spenborough was the cost of a submarine, £100,000 and asking people to purchase War Savings Certificates. 


As an incentive, large prizes were offered to the persons drawing the winning numbers.

Old dirty paper texture (main preview).j


March 4 to March 9

A Message to all from the Flying Corps

Help us to win the war

and save your home and country.

Invest all you can to provide the aeroplanes, good interest, good security and above all thus helping to secure liberty and freedom

Go to the special Bank in Market Place, Heckmondwike,

and get full particulars about War Bonds and War Savings Certificates.

Do your duty for the old country

Buy.  Buy.  Buy.  Buy.

Senior & Co. Ltd. Printers

It is believed that the aeroplane developed engine trouble causing the pilot to make an emergency landing in the Barley Fields damaging the undercarriage of the plane.  Captain Irons died in York a few days later from internal injuries.


One of the pamphlets read as follows:

On 8th March 1918, an aeroplane (The B.E.12 number A590) became stranded in the Barley Fields in Gomersal.


This was not however a fighter plane, but instead on a mission to summon up funds for various war fund raising schemes.

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